Partner Alliance Credentialing Solutions

Dental Practice Credentialing Solutions

“What would you do with an extra 80 -120 hours of time each month?”

  • Focus on patients? 
  • Generate more referrals? 
  • Grow profitability? 
  • Maintain a low-stress environment? 
  • Or increase production?

The minutia of credentialing is timely and disruptive to the day-to-day operations of your dental practice and takes away from your core competencies.  Let us manage the details of your insurance participation so you don’t have to worry about joining or leaving plans, updating directory information, or removing your listings from previous employers.  Allowing our credentialing experts to complete your insurance participation offers you the peace of mind that it is being done on time and accurately.

<span>Insurance Analysis</span>

Insurance Analysis

We offer a state by state Insurance analysis and comparison to optimize your insurance participation. Let our experienced credentialing experts simplify your operations by determining which insurance programs are the best for you.



Let us help negotiate your PPO’s, develop an insurance participation strategy, and renew contracts so you never have to worry about being dropped by an insurance provider. Our goal is to help dental offices do insurance better. Whether your office participates in several plans or just a few we can help!

<span>Insurance Mapping / Recredentialing</span>

Insurance Mapping / Recredentialing

Dental insurance companies are constantly changing their program rules. New and changing network leasing arrangements, stagnant or decreasing fee schedules, changes to the credentialing processes, and changes to plan design and administration have created financial and administrative challenges for dentists and their teams. Let our team of experts navigate this moving target.