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What Drives Us

Our founder grew up in a community where having health insurance was uncommon. He saw many families overcome with debt because of an accident or unexpected illness. Kelly Zitting came to understand that a lack of financial literacy can put families in debt for months, if not years. He saw children paying their way through college if they had the opportunity to attend and their parents retiring with little to no savings, relying only on Social Security. As Kelly’s grandfather often said, “I remember the good old days as not that good.”  

At Partner Alliance, we believe our past can inform our future.  We can do better.  Through financial education and implementation, we seek to make the world a better place by helping families and businesses operate at a higher level of financial stability. 

We do this by creating holistic financial and risk management plans. 

  • We help families obtain excellent healthcare without the fear of debt.
  • We employ health insurance and Medicare to help families stay on their feet.  
  • We use thoughtful planning approaches that can help more children attend college. 
  • We use intentional planning to ensure that you have the funds needed to enjoy retirement when you retire.
  • We assist business owners, including attorneys, dentists, and doctors, with health insurance, Medicare, and dentists with credentialling.
  • We work with entrepreneurs and the self-employed to provide the same benefits that large corporations offer employees.  

As your partner, we lead you towards your best financial life.

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."-GEN George S. Patton

Meet Our Team

Kelly Zitting


(801) 447-2923

I focus on helping you protect and provide for those that you love. Many aspects in my life prepared me for this important responsibility. I grew up on a 2,000-acre farm in Southern Utah which taught me the value of hard work. I...

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