Partner Alliance Savings Plan

<span style="font-weight: 400;" data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;">What Drives Us</span>

You want to attract and retain the highest quality talent for your business, and this isn’t always easy. Benefits play a significant role in attracting potential employees to a company, and yours should be no different. From healthcare to life insurance to retirement savings plans, these benefits can mean the difference between a yes and a no when hiring.

When assessing savings plans for your business, a business owner not only has to consider themselves but their employees as well. Employer savings plans are expensive and come with many fees, including trustee fees. 

At Partner Alliance, our primary goal is to find you the best-in-class retirement plan that provides the lowest fees. We help our business clients reduce the high costs of retirement savings plans by using Multiply Employer Plans or MEPs, eliminating many of the administrative fees associated with these plans. 

Our partnership with ADP helps ensure that you are compliant by making sure contributions are made promptly. We also ensure that our clients determine the design of their specific savings plans, and we provide cost-effect management of the plan, which includes fees and expenses. And we make sure that expense ratios are in line with larger group plans so that you and your employees are receiving the best return possible on your investments.